DisCLAIMER:  THIS PICTure is the before and after of doing the isabody challenge.  results will vary depending on exercise, eating healthy, your body type/genetics and following the isagenix system..  This takes dedication and determination...not a magic pill, but a system that, when followed correctly, can assist you in attaining a healthy, balanced body.

Who says 54 can't feel like 24?

Not too shabby for a grandpa of 6 and 54 years old! Wow! 16 weeks, I can't believe I have already finished this Isabody challenge. Time flew by for me. I am so happy I did this challenge, don't get me wrong, it was a challenge some days - especially since I tore some tendons in my forearm 3 weeks into this challenge! I'm so glad that I persevered and dug deep to find my motivation on those days that I got home from work tired. Here are a few pictures of my photo shoot. My before pics were taken on February 26, 2015 and my completed pictures were taken on June 14, 2015. I'll tell ya what.... I don't feel 54 years old! Now, onwards to my next 16 week challenge - already in progress. Let's see where I can get to this time around.

For everyone who either completed or is in the 16 week Isabody challenge, congratulations to you all!! It's not an easy task by no means and takes commitment and motivation to complete. Put your mind to it and you can do it!! – Tim P.





"I just found this picture of myself from last year. I've lost 65 pounds and I compare body pictures a lot ...but this is the first time I really paid attention to the difference in my face. I remember all too well how I felt in the first picture, bloated, and very uncomfortable... No more inflammation for me please"-Lisa K.