The Declaration of Independence

Many years ago, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin identified three inalienable rights in the Declaration of Independence.  They were that every human being has a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  And I was reminded of those rights in a book called, The Slight Edge and what they really mean.  So, not only is this for mastering middle age, but it's context is for mastering life, in general.


So, when you really think about it, what does it mean "A right to life"?  Off the cuff, one might think, "a right to live…to be on this earth".  And that, to me, is what it means, but let's take that meaning a step further.  That right to life, means a right to health.  In our inalienable rights, we have a right to have health.  Think about it…without your health, what do you have?  Sometimes, we take our health for granted, until we are succumbed to illness, then we know how much our health really means to us.  Ever had even a slight fever, broken or sprained parts in our body?  How about waking and living in pain daily?  We have a right to life and live in health.  Life means health.  As quoted from the book, A Slight Edge, "the healthier you are, the more life you experience.  Let your health get bad enough, and you lose your life altogether".


Next, is Liberty.  That means to be "free", right?  Free how? In the modern world, it means finances.  If you don't have this handled, then you don't live free.  Ever hear of living paycheck to paycheck?  Many experience living paycheck to paycheck every day their whole life because they don't know that there is a better way.  To have liberty is to have financial health.  It gives you the freedom to follow what you love.  The best part is finding a vehicle that can take you to that life of freedom, so that you can follow whatever passion you have in life.


And the 3rd inalienable right….the pursuit of happiness.   Hmmm….the pursuit of happiness?  What is happiness?  We're always chasing it.  Some have it and live it every day.  Others are saying, "I'll be happy when…..".  Come to find out, happiness isn't what you pursue.  It's not something we go after…it something we do.  It's always there…you just have to choose it.  Happiness comes from the doing daily simple things…key word is "daily".  And unhappiness come from NOT doing those things.


I love the way The Slight Edge rephrases those inalienable rights:  life (health), liberty (financial freedom) and the realization of happiness.


This is what I've found to be the key…the key to mastering middle age.  Easy to do, easy NOT to do.  


I have a system that is easy to follow and easy to do…and, at the same time, it is easy NOT to do.  It's a choice.  A decision.  When you're ready, reach out to me, because my passion has become helping others do what I did.


To aging gracefully (or not at all),