Blog #1

It's ironic that my first blog post regarding mastering middle age would coincide with the day my sister called to let me know she has breast cancer.  My #1 goal would be to completely wipe this disease completely off the planet…and it would be, if we can learn how to stop our immune system from being compromised.


My intentions with this blog and website are to help educate people with what I've learned over the course of the last 6 years so that we can age youthfully.  Too many chemicals for the sake of just making money have been introduced that never needed to be.  There are so many factors involved.  One of the primary reasons I want to master middle age is to prevent disease as best that I can.  Many diseases today are preventable.  Human genetics may give us a blueprint of one being more susceptible than another to certain disease; HOWEVER, genetics doesn't have to be the telling factor.


If we lived in a perfect environment with perfect food, perfect air and perfect water with absolutely no worries or stresses in our lives, we should be able to live to 125 years of age.  But that is in that perfect world, and we all know we don't live in that!  :-(    


So if you really think about it, why do some people live to be older than others?  Sure, genetics again can have something to do with that, but take identical twins, for example.  Why might one live longer than another?  There are so many factors involved.  These factors have to do with how we age:  


Nutrition.  What are you eating?  Do you eat high-sugar, processed food?  Diet-labeled food?  Soda pop?  Or are you eating from the outside aisles of the grocery store such as meat, fruits and vegetables  (and preferably organic so there are no herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones transferred to your body from the consumption of those foods) and drinking plenty of purified water?  And by plenty of water, it should be half your healthy weight in ounces per day.


Supplementation.  No matter how good or organic the foods you eat, the over-farming of our soils has caused the loss of the ability of the plants to absorb the minerals.  The soils have been losing minerals documented back to the late 1920's.  A UCLA study done in 1997 shows the loss of the minerals in our soils by planting spinach in 1953 and taking the mineral content and then again in 1997.    The 1997 Study showed that for one bowl of spinach ate in 1953, it would take 41 bowls in 1997 to match the mineral content of that one bowl in 1953.  If you're not supplementing, you're doing a huge disservice to your body and quality of life.


Toxicity.  In today's world, we are bombarded with more toxins daily than our grandparents encountered over their lifetime!  It is a huge factor in why we have accelerated the aging factor.   A study was done on 10 random newborn baby's umbilical cord blood across the country.  They found there were 287 toxins in the blood and that 205 of those were carcinogenic…meaning they can cause cancer.  Scary, isn't it?!  I use a clinically proven herb and botanical juice drink to assist my body in releasing those toxins.  Infrared Saunas also have the ability to detoxify and sweat out the toxins.


Exercise.  It doesn't have to be strenuous exercise, but you have to get out there and move.  Even just walking 20 minutes 3 times per week.  If you have the ability to do weight-bearing exercise, all the better, just don't worry about high-cardio…it's not necessary.  Rebounding (jumping up and down vertically) allows the lymphatic system to open up and flow like it should.  So when people tell you to "shake it off"…it's a good idea!


Stress.  Stress is the #1 leading cause to many diseases.  When our body is stressed for long periods of time, our hormones get all messed up and leads to other problems down the road.  Best thing you can do is take 30 minutes every morning to meditate or pray.  Just sit and be still.  Think of all that you are grateful for, no matter how small you may feel the gratitude is.  I wake up everyday just thanking the good Lord for allowing me another day on this earth.  If you wake up and your breathing…that's a good thing!  I also use adaptogenic herb mineral drink that helps my body combat the effects that stress has on my body.


Be Happy.  Happiness shows that the body ages at a much slower pace than an unhappy, grumpy person.  If you're not happy where you are, you can do something about it…it just may take doing something different and getting out of your comfort zone.


Lifestyle.  If someone smokes or chews tobacco or does drugs or drinks alcohol, they are accelerating their aging.  Now I've never smoked or chewed, nor have I ever tried an illegal drug, but I do drink alcohol, within moderation.  Just so you understand, doing this things, especially excessively, really speeds up the aging process.


So when I talk about mastering middle age, I'm not referring to just living longer.  I'm referring to living longer with a healthy, quality of life.  My main goal is to never be in a nursing home and that when I die, that I arrive in heaven saying "Whew, what a ride!  What's in store for me next?!"  


I hope you enjoy the blog.


God Bless,